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The Cusco volunteering team is focused on helping the people in the village of Taray who were devastated by the floods of January 2010. Lives were taken, and many homes, crops and infrastructure were destroyed.  You can help by joining the team to help these people where possible. Loki Cusco also works with children´s homes and schools, taking volunteers to spend time with the children.  There is no minimum time commitment for these projects.

Our projects

We are currently focusing on two projects, Azul Wasi and Taray.

Azul Wasi (childrens home)

Azul Wasi is committed to providing shelter and protection, to improve the quality of life for children and adolescents in high risk situations. Situated about 30 minutes outside of Cusco, we began working here in February when the home was affected by the floods. Here we helped build a flood barrier to prevent damage from future flooding. Since completion of this work in March, we have continued to visit the young people here to join them in after school activities.

Taray (a community in the Sacred Valley)

On February 28th, heavy rain and landslides caused the river to overflow, destroying almost the entire village. Eight people died, 80% of people lost their homes, and roads and crops were also destroyed. We began working here on the 10th of March, helping to clear the sites. This involves salvaging what we can from the homes such as tiles, wood, household items, digging mud out from the cement houses and knocking down the adobe brick houses, in order to get the area ready for rebuilding. The people of Taray are now living in tents and temporary shelters in Pisaq, which volunteers from Loki helped to build. Also with thanks to donations, we bought school bags and other school materials for around 170 children.

Other Projects

We have also been involved with the rebuilding of a new home in Chinchero, helping with the charity ´My small help´, as well as at a local school, and we will continue to do so when needed.

Thank You

A huge thanks to all those who have helped in any way to make these projects a success, whether through giving your time or money, or even spreading the wordabout our work. Without your help this work wouldn´t be possible. Since our work began in February, we have had more than 400 volunteers, some of whom have taken part for several weeks.


If you are looking for a way to volunteer without making an extensive time commitment, or costing the earth - but want to make a difference, come and volunteer with us at Loki!
  • Make a real difference for people who need the help.
  • Little to no cost - only pay for transport and your own lunch.
  • No commitment required - work as little as one day.
  • Meet other guests and locals.


You need do little more than come to Loki Hostel Cusco, sign up for the day you wish to volunteer, and chip in for your own transport costs.  In return, you'll enjoy giving your time directly to people in need - we work direct with the less priveleged so you will see an immediate reward for your work. You'll also meet like-minded people, and other guests from Loki.


Feel free to E-mail us at:
[email protected]


Check out more photos of volunteering to get a better idea of the work we do.