Short description

This trip includes a walk to the highest point on the island of Amantani as well as lodging with families. The people of Amantani have Quechua origin and subside mainly by means of small scale agricultural ventures. The houses are simple and the services are basic – there is no potable water, electricity, or modern bathrooms and showers. This tour is a great opportunity to see the traditional way of life of the people of Lake Titicaca.

*NOTE: this tour departs from Puno which is located 7 hours from Cusco by bus. We can book these buses for you in the Loki travel office.

Full itinerary

Navigation time: approximately 3 hours each way.

Day 1

Your tour begins with pickup from your hostel or the tour office around 730 am and by 830 you will be sailing across the largest high altitude lake in the world!  By 9 am you will arrive at the floating Island of Uros, where locals will demonstrate how the fascinating floating islands are made and maintained.  You will have around 2 hours to explore this island before departing to the next island of Amantani.  Here you will meet your local homestay family and have lunch with them.  After lunch take a deep breath as you get to play a bit of Soccer/Futbol at a stadium at almost 4,200 meters above sea level before making the hike to the highest point of Amantani to see an incredible sunset.  After the hike you will have dinner with your host family, followed by a real floating island Fiesta!  Complete with traditional music, dress and dance, (you will be provided with some traditional party clothes to really get in the spirit!) this is the perfect way to end the first day of your tour.

Day 2

Day 2 begins with breakfast with your host family around 7am.  After breakfast you will depart Amantani Island and make your way to Taquile.  You will arrive on the island by around 9am and make a walk to the main village, arriving by around 10.  You have several hours to explore and get lunch (not included) before you need to be back to the main dock by 1pm to catch your ferry back to Puno.  Your tour concludes around 4pm with a drop off at the travel office in Puno.    


* Loki Travel loves creating and operating great and unique tours. We believe in promoting sustainable tourism by working together with local people and guides to produce the best quality tours for fair prices.



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2 Days 1 Night


  • Sunscreen
  • Hat or cap to protect from the sun and cold
  • Layers; wind jacket, sweater
  • Sleeping bag (if you have one)
  • Cash for Lunch in Taquile, souvenirs and tips


  • Pick-up from Puno Travel office (or hostel in downtown Puno)
  • English-Spanish speaking guide for 2 days
  • Entrance fees
  • Normal boat transportation (3 hour and ½ navigation)
  • Overnight home-stay with lunch, dinner and breakfast in Amantani (houses are very simple and toilets are basic). The local family will provide you also with three or more clean blankets. However we suggest using your sleeping bag if you have one with you.


  • Lunch in Taquile
  • Tips