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The story of Loki Hostels starts in Lima with Dror, Jess, Daithi and Dave.
In 2005 while managing and working in a hostel in Lima, Dror, Jess and Daithi were drawn to the idea of opening a hostel in Cusco, capital of the Incas. Cusco did not have backpacker style hostels to speak of and the standard of accommodation was pretty poor unless you were staying in the 5 star hotels that abound there.
Dave was a guest in the Lima hostel at the time and had spoken to the lads about this project. In a couple of months he was to be fully fledged team member.

Daithi, Jess and Dror headed to Cusco to find a building for the future hostel.
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While waiting to view a property in Cusco , Dror was approached by a stranger who beckoned him to see a certain property on Cuesta Santa Ana, a hitherto relatively unknown part of Cusco, well away from the bustle of the Plaza De Armas. What Dror saw that day was nothing short of a complete mess: Rotten timbers, collapsed walls and muddy courtyards. Nevertheless, Dror saw beyond that mess as did Jesse and Daithi.

Dave joined them from Lima and added his support and advice. Initially he was supposed to be a silent partner, but anyone who knows Dave will know that that was an impossible proposition. Dave quickly became an integral and indispensible part of Loki who showed no inclination to remain silent. Months of sharing a room with mattresses on dusty and muddy floors along with the intensity of restoring such an old building to its former glory was a furnace where the friendship was formed.

The house itself had seen many friendships and many stories. It was a 450 year old national monument. Only 150 years younger than Machu Picchu it was home to important and infamous former politicians of Peru. It had served as lodgings before so the old building was used to travellers
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The name "Loki", which is the Scandinavian God of Mischief, was suggested by a good friend of the lads, Avi . The name suited the relaxed atmosphere, the slightly irreverent and infamous parties, as well as being easily pronounced in English and Spanish as well. It also rhymed with "Lucky, Low-Key, Loco". The original Logo we used when we started.
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Loki Cusco opened its doors to the travellers in June/July 2005 and very quickly staked its claim as an excellent and fun place for backpackers to stay while in Cusco. 1pm checkout, real duvets and gas powered showers set the standard for what hostels should be like in Peru.

Loki Cusco is run by Kim with a capacity of almost 300 and is considered by many to be the flagship of the Loki chain.
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As the Loki in Cusco expanded into the second courtyard, it became obvious that there was a demand for a Loki in other Peruvian cities. Daithi, Dave and Dror headed to Lima while Cusco was looked after by Jess.

The existing Incahaus Hostel on Parque Kennedy was taken over by Loki as a management company in July 2006. It didn't take long for the news to spread on the traveller grapevine that a new Loki was open and the crowds began to flock in.

As with the Loki in Cusco, Loki Lima could boast the same comforts such as orthopaedic mattresses, roasting hot showers and a great bar. The bar overlooked the impressive Parque Kennedy and had a very cosmopolitan vibe to it, which was in contrast to the classic and historical feel of Loki Cusco.

Jess is now managing Loki Lima.
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In December 2005, Osgur arrived in Loki Cusco. There he met Jess and Daithi in Mama Africas one night and he was offered a Job. Since January, Osgur worked as a barman and then later as Loki`s first bar manager. He was rewarded for his inability to leave Cusco, with a stake in the company and a shot at running a new Loki in La Paz.

Dave, Dror and Osgur headed to La Paz in between trips home, to find a building.
The building they found was the old Hotel Viena on Calle Loayza. It had been all but abandoned for 20 years and was in a bad state of repair.

With a ridiculously but typically Loki short deadline of 10 weeks to open the hard work started and the doors were open on Saint Patricks day ( March 17th ) 2007.

With a stunning colonial style bar draped in red curtains and adorned with chandeliers and expansive gold filigree mirrors, Loki La Paz joined the family and now has a capacity of 180+ and is run by Alen Las.
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In a move that surprised many and inspired others, Loki bought a stretch of land in a little heard of town called Mancora in northern Peru in 2008. Known mostly to surfers, it hosts surfing competitions and was a place that Osgur and Jess had fallen in love with on their travels.

Dre ( former bar manager La Paz ) and Jake ( Former Bar manager Cusco ) were drafted in and baptised in the fire of Loki as they set to, along with Dror, building a Loki Hostel from pretty much scratch. This presented an opportunity that had not existed earlier as all previous Loki Hostels had been restricted by protected if visually stunning buildings.

Complete with a 26 meters swimming pool and a distinctly Mediterranean feel Loki Mancora opened its doors on Halloween night 2008 and has a current and ever-growing capacity of 150+. Loki Mancora is managed by Rhiannon and Dre.
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In 2011, we decided to head into totally new territory, and explore the possibility of a new, the 5th Loki in Argentina. Taking on board the rural gaucho lifestyle of the region and wanting to offer something away from the hustle and bustle of the city we decided on something completely different- a hacienda style hostel bringing the Loki spirit to an idyllic countryside location/

We looked at several plots of land, and finally settled on a tobaco field with a fantastic mountain view. From here we developed the designs of the hostel around this view, taking advantage of the huge open space available to us and allowing us to have the biggest bar and swimming pool yet. After 1 year of construction, we opened our doors in September 2012, and sit nestled amongst our farming neighbours.

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