Llegando a Loki SALTA


IMPORTANT: The cost of the bus is 4.50 pesos, which you will need to pay in coins. Or with a bus card.

If you wish to take the public bus, you need to head to Calle San Martin. Between the blocks of Buenos Aires and Alberdi there is a Green Bus Stop marked Campo Quijano. We recommend getting a taxi from the terminal to the bus stop to make the journey easier. This should cost 10-15 pesos

Wait at this stop for Bus with a sign for Campo Quijano. They usually run every 10 minutes, between the times of 6:30am - 12:30am

Tell the driver you are going to La Silleta.

The journey will take approx 30 - 40 minutes. Look out for the landmarks and timings indicated on the map.

Approx 1km after the cemetery, you will approach a bend, where you need to tell the driver you want to get off. You should see a sign indicating the turn for ‘Loki Hostels’ on the opposite side of the road.


If you are taking a taxi from the bus station or city centre, give the driver the following instructions:

La Silleta
Ruta 51, Km 11
1km despues del cementerio, hay una curva que va por la derecha. Antes de la curva tomar el giro por la izquierda. Buscar el cartel que dice ‘Loki’.
The journey will take approx 30 minutes. Look out for the landmarks indicated on the map.

Taxi’s in Salta run on meters. Depending on where you take the taxi, it will cost between 150-200 pesos.




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