Originally owned by an Austrian couple (hence the name Viena) at the start of the 20th century. Loki acquired the house in January 2007. Renovation work started around Jan 07 and was opened in 3 months with all 3 floors fully operational.

The inner sanctum is a 2-floored enclosed court yard surrounded by the balconies of the floors above. Red velvet pillars matching the red period style curtains give the air of a classic period European Hotel. High ceilings and wide doors give an open, inviting feeling.

The ground and first floor retain this feeling, while the second floor, obviously a later addition, has a more modern appearance. The floor of this courtyard is a spectacular work of tiling.

The bar area comes complete with gold coloured roof mouldings and a stage with draped curtains that match the rich velvet curtains on the doors and windows. The floor, made of a beautiful dark wood, has been constructed with one purpose in mind, dancing.

The old Hotel Viena is a gorgeous old building and looks absolutely stunning completely renovated. And it's huge.