The two companies that we recommend you use to travel from Cusco to Lima are Cruz del Sur and Tepsa. There are other bus companies that travel between the two cities though most of these are not recommended. Cruz del Sur depart Cusco at roughly 2pm and 6pm and arrive into Lima at 11am and 3pm. Prices range between (approx) S/.80-120 (semi cama) and S/. 185 (full cama).


Cruz del Sur and Tepsa are two of the best companies which travel between Cusco and Ica. The journey lasts approximately 17 hours. Cruz del Sur has depatures thoughrougt the day.


Cruz del Sur and Tepsa travel between Cusco and Nazca. Cruz del Sur departs atvarious times during the day. Approximate prices are between S/120 and S/170.


Transzela and Tour Peru are the most reputable companies which travel between Cusco and Puno. The journey lasts roughly 7 hours with most companies leaving in the evening and arriving in the early hours of the morning. Transzela departs at 8:30am and arrives at 3pm. Another company which travel between Cusco and Puno is the Inka Express which is especially aimed at tourists and provides a guide on the bus throughout the trip also stopping at some tourist sights between the two cities. The journey lasts approximately 9 hours departing at 7.30am and arriving into Puno at approximately 5.30pm.


Cruz del Sur is the best company for travel between Cusco and Arequipa. Buses leave at 8:00pm and 8:30pm The journey lasts approximately 10 hours.

Northern Peru

To get to the north it is almost certain that you will have to go via Lima. Cruz del Sur and Tepsa service most of the major cities in the north. Trujillo is approximately 8 hours from Lima and the best companies to travel with are Cruz del Sur and Tepsa. Chiclayo lies 3 hours north of Trujillo by bus.
Piura is roughly 16 hours north of Lima, and Mancora is roughly 19 hours from Lima. If you wish to fly to Mancora you must fly to Piura which is about 3 hours south from Mancora or Tumbes which is 2 hours north from Mancora.

La Paz

The most direct route to La Paz is with the bus company Trans Salvador. With most companies you will have to change at Puno and then at the border to Bolivia via Copacabana. The majority of bus companies depart around 10pm with the latest departing at 10.30pm and the journey lasts approximately 13 hours. Between Puno and the Bolivian border is roughly three hours. Copacabana is approximately 20 minutes from the border.
Trans Salvador tickets can be bought at the Loki Tour Desk.

Sacred Valley

Ollantaytambo: Colectivos can be taken from Cusco centre to Ollantaytambo. There are frequent departures which leave from Calle Pavitos and cost approximately s/10.


Local buses depart frequently from Calle Puputi and cost approximately S/2.50 each way and the journey is approximately 1 hour.


Urumaba is the next stop after Pisac on the local bus about an hour and a half away. You could also catch a combi from Avenida Huascar or Calle Pavitos which costs approximately s/10. The company is called Starex.



The main airline that operates around Peru is LATAM.  Be careful when booking as there are different prices for foreigners and Peruvian nationals!


When To Go

Machu Picchu opens at 6am and stays open until 5.30pm. You can take small bags into the ruins but anything larger must be left at the luggage store near the entrance for US$1.5 a piece. Machu Picchu is a lot quieter before 11am and after 3:30pm. June, July, August and September are the busiest months when as many as 2500 people visit the ruins everyday. Even during the low season you can expect between 1500 and 2000 visitors per day.

Getting There By Bus

The bus up and down the ruins cost $12 each way and can be bought either as a single or return. You have to buy your bus ticket before you get on the bus in the morning. There is a small ticket office just opposite the departure point which opens at 5:15am. The first group of buses depart from Aguas Calientes at about 5:20am then at 10 minute intervals throughout the day depending on demand until about 4pm.


Boleto Turistico

One of the best deals for visitors to Cusco is the Boleto Turístico, a "tourist ticket" that gets you into 16 of the most important places of interest in and around Cusco, including some of the major draws in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In fact, you cannot get into many churches and museums without it.
The full ticket costs S/130 and is valid for 10 days (if you lose it, you have to buy a new one). You can buy a ticket at Cusco's tourist offices and at most of the sights included in the ticket.
You can buy a partial ticket (S/70) that allows entry to a handful of attractions including the ruins outside of Cusco but in most cases the full ticket is a better bet. Even if you don't see all 16 sights, you will likely want to see some of those not included on the partial ticket.

The ticket shows full colour photos of the sights, and guards will punch a hole or stamp the date next to the corresponding picture when you visit each sight.

The Boleto includes admission to the following sights:
  • Museo de Arte Religioso
  • Iglesia de San Blas
  • Monasterio y Museo de Arte de Santa Catalina
  • Municipal Palace Museum (in the Palacio Municipal, Santa Teresa s/n; tel. 084/223-511)
  • Museo Arqueológico del Qoricancha
  • Museo Histórico Regional
  • The Inca ruins of Sacsayhuamán, Q'enko, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Pikillacta, and Tipón.

Please note that entrance into the Catedral is separate and costs s/25 (free between 6am -10am during morning service) and into Koricancha s/10.

Students must also carry their International Student Identification Card (ISIC) with their Boleto to prove that they didn't fraudulently obtain a student ticket.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.