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We are getting close to Christmas and New Year, very busy periods for us in Loki. And unfortunately sometimes we do not find space for everyone asking. I thought this is an opportunity to describe how we do our availability and reservations in Loki hostels.

We started Loki with the idea of of creating the hostel we would love to stay in, and reservations is no different especially in busy periods. We remember how hard it is as a traveller to leave a good hostel on the day you initially planned or plan ahead and book the next hostel, we used to just show up in the hostel and hope for a bed or book just before going on the bus to next town.

So in Loki we very rarely book more than 70-80% of the beds in the hostel, so we can allow for walk ins with no reservations or for people who want to extend their stay to stay for longer. I only remember once in more than 7 years that I had to ask a group to leave, we always try to extend people stay and in case we do not have space in the same room we find an alternative. As same as people stay for longer some leave ahead of their planned date, this is also why we do not ask you to pay before you leave as the number of nights nearly always change.

For busy season confirming reservations is even more tricky as we want to allow people to still book a few days in advance, so we slowly release availability in the previous months to the period always leaving enough space for the few days to a week before the date so unorganized travellers like us can still find a place in Loki.

For these reason we usually do not have much availability on sites like Hostelworld and Hostelbookers, but probably still have space and will confirm reservations coming through our own website or directly in the hostels, flexibility is a key for us. 

I hope this helps you in understanding how we manage our reservations in Loki and hope we found everyone who is reading this space for the holidays period, and as I said there is still some available.

If you are among the ones we could not find space for we would love you to join us for our events in the hostel. 

Dror Tirosh
Manager - Owner - Proud Family Member
Loki Hostels
Peru - Bolivia - Argentina